Vintage treasure hunting in Florence, Italy

Vintage treasure hunting in Florence, Italy

Hello sweet loves!

Today I am writing this diary entry from Florence, Italy. :') It is an absolute pleasure to be here on a work holiday, visiting friends and stocking up on vintage!

Sunset over the river

I have had the great fortune to have been to many places to look for vintage in my life. From Paris, to London, to Toronto, to Montreal, to Portland.

Yet Florence remains my #1 favourite place to score vintage!

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Italians are so much fun! They are so warm and usually always down to haggle unless you are in a really fancy vintage store. Then the prices are just what they are listed.
  2. The QUALITY of the vintage here is outstanding. You are able to find authentic WWII uniforms in mint condition, to lovingly-worn 1920s painter clothing, to the most stunning 50s hand-made tailored suits.
  3. It's just a really beautiful place to be.
  4. The FOOD. Vintage shopping takes a lot of energy, and it is definitely more enjoyable when fueled with the best pizza you've ever eaten.
  5. As far as prices go, I do not find things overpriced. In some of the more curated vintage stores, sure, things are definitely pricey. But overall, between the markets and the hole-in-the-wall stores you will no doubt find some affordable gems.

Alrighty, I am off for the day to see what I find! Today I just let my feet lead me! I'm on holiday mode today.

Doing so, I came across a vintage store I know and like called Melrose Vintage. There is a large assortment of men's and women's clothing from the 20's until the 90's —emphasis on the 70's!

Melrose Vintage storefront

There are many different rooms to this store.
Dresses, military, sportswear, winter coats all have their own room.

Room filled with children's clothing.

Found: gorgeous purple pansy vintage gown

I am an absolute sucker for a good vintage flowy/dinner party-esque dress. SIGN ME UP. I paired this purple dress with my friend Thomas' grandpa's WWII era Balenciaga plaid coat.

Found: amazing vintage crop top

Spring is on the way, so while I shopped I had my eye out for linen and cotton tops that I would want to rock all spring and summer long. For example, this 1980's crop top is going to be dyed and embroidered once I'm home!

The ladies of Melrose Vintage are very helpful and wiling to haggle!

However, it is really important to know your prices in curated stores like this one. Often, the prices are on the steeper side, as the store is very well curated.

So, today's finds at Melrose Vintage were:

  • Some adorable linen spring tops
  • 3 pairs of denim that I will be dyeing
  • A 1980's linen Burberry bomber jacket that I CANNOT WAIT TO DYE
  • Annnnd the purple pansy dress that may be mine...
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