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Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted with compassion, which means it has been constructed while following the principles below. 
First and always, every item is uniquely designed. We believe in creating pieces that fit all body shapes and personalities.
Ethical Labour
All pieces are hand-made by Julie or by her staff, paid at a living wage and treated with kindness and respect. Our items are priced at a number that reflects the amount of hours of labour go into each piece, respecting both our clients with honest prices, and us as producers.
Responsibly Sourced Materials
All items in the store are created from rescued fabric, salvaged from thrift stores, donations, and then upcycled to make even finer, designer pieces with love, artistry, compassion, and detail. 
Our packaging is also eco-responsible! Previously, we used recycled tissue paper printed with soy ink, and we are now transitioning to silk and cotton scarves that double as accessories!
Body Positive
These days, the global fashion industry hasn’t only lost control of handling the waste that is created in the name of fast fashion. It’s also created an epidemic around body image. Our pieces look good, feel good, and are designed to help you live your best life - not shrink it down to fit impossible beauty standards! 
Remember that we are all unique and beautiful and that textiles should be shaped to fit us and not the other way around.